Qbit Stroller

December 20, 2016


Aria Child, Inc. is conducting a voluntary recall in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) of certain models of the GB Qbit Lightweight Stroller. A gap in the stroller's folding side hinge can pinch a caregiver's hand during unfolding, posing a laceration hazard. In addition, the stroller can fold unexpectedly during use, posing an injury and fall hazard to the caregiver and child.

QBit Lightweight Stroller

The following five model numbers are affected by this recall. All of the impacted model numbers begin with the prefix "10AW1G."

10AW1G-AQU2U (aqua)
10AW1G-WHT2U (white)
10AW1G-CHA4U (charcoal)
10AW1G-RAS2U (raspberry)
10AW1G-CIR5U (citrus)

If your stroller is affected by the recall, Aria Child is offering you a replacement stroller, the Qbit LTE, which provides all the features of the original Qbit, but has been modified to address these hazards. To register for your replacement, please click here or call Aria Child's consumer services center at 1-888-591-5540 from 8 am-5 pm EST.

To receive your replacement stroller, you must disable the recalled Qbit. When you register, you will have two options to demonstrate that your Qbit has been rendered unusable: (1) take two photos as shown in the online instructions and video, and email them to the company; or (2) have a return kit mailed to you that will contain instructions on disabling your Qbit and a prepaid envelope for returning parts of the stroller to Aria Child. When you register for the recall, you will select one of these options. Once Aria Child has received your acceptable photos or the mail-in return, the company will send your replacement stroller with a gender neutral frame and charcoal fabric. Please allow 1-2 weeks after you provide your photos or mail-in return to receive your replacement.

To learn more about these return and replacement options, click on a link below:

Ensuring the safety of you and your children is Aria Child's top priority. We value your trust in us, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.